Talents Buenos Aires Begins!!!

Talents Buenos Aires Begins today!!! Check out our new edition

Talents Buenos Aires

Every year it is our tradition to propose a specific theme in order to place our activities within a framework. This year’s theme, under the title of “Youth on the March”, is directly related to the very own nature and definition of Talents: the reunion of the region’s young men and women, who are on the march in their own careers as filmmakers and critics. Within this context, we wish to highlight the relationship between film and the different generations, as a theoretical framework and also as a starting point. In this way, we will present renowned professionals who will tackle the subject from their own diverse perspectives.

To start off, we will introduce David Oubiña, who will carry out a historical search on the theme of generation in film history. Then, we will reflect on the generational (and ancestral) relationship of music and films. And, for the first time, we will present a discussion exclusively among young directors who have participated in past editions of Talents. We will also inaugurate the new Guest Country section, which will begin with Colombia. A special session will help understand the realities of Colombian cinema, as seen by its renowned and emerging directors, as well as participants of its industry and its local financing.

And the highlight in our program will be a videoconference with the mythic Jonas Mekas, who until today remains fully active, and is a living representative of his generation and of generations. Matthijs W. Knol will give an introduction on the Berlinale Talents, and will also present NATIVe, a new program of the Berlin Film Festival.

This year we begin Talents Buenos Aires by asking the Talent Press’ participants their opinion on this edition’s theme “Youth on the March”. This is what they said:

Sebastián Rosal “It wouldn’t be crazy to propose an imaginary line of young directors headed by Godard, de Oliveira, Mekas, Varda and Wiseman. By virtue of ideas, passion and joy in the practice of their profession, they have expanded not only the boundaries of their art but also reminded us that youth can very well stay inside ourselves for a century”.

José Francisco Peña Loyola “The young eye is heavy with inconformity, hesitation and fear for the future. And that is precisely what provokes a fresh and energetic start up”.

Jaime Akamine “I think that “Youth on the March” is a powerful concept which focuses on the work of the region’s young film professionals, but at the same time represents a call for each one of us to become aware of our occupation and role in the preservation of a rigorous, creative and long lasting cinema”.

Yuraima Herrera “It’s a tough job for young filmmakers to educate themselves through the past, be inspired by the present and reinvent themselves for the future”.

Andrés Rodelo: For identity to exist there must be memory. Film, in that it forges and evokes times, is fundamental in this task. The title “Youth on the March” raises these questions: what are we doing to narrate the here and now from the point of view of film? How will the future generations remember us?

Gabriela Sandes “To be constantly on the march is to stay young in our ideas, to be open to what’s new and also to what’s the same but regarded differently; to the contradictions that confuse us and to the obvious that we are reluctant to admit; to what’s simple but is concealed under a layer of opacity and to what’s complex but is disguised as superficial. That is so in life, that is so in film criticism”.

Mariángela Martínez Restrepo Talent Press BA Coordinator Clara Picasso Text Translator