The Colombian film perspective

Colombian cinema has grown rapidly in the last 10 years due to several factors which have favored the cinematic development and the upcoming industry.

From Ospinas film ¨Agarrando Pueblo¨(1978)

The Colombian cinema perspective by Andrés Rodelo

The current state of Colombian cinema suggests a future marked by good vibrations. The strengthening of politics of financing of film projects, the emergence of a new generation of talented filmmakers and the phenomenon of Colombian cinema as an object of study for important film festivals, show an interest provoked in the last years as regards the cinematic manifestations of this country.

Talents Buenos Aires has Colombia as this edition’s guest country. The conference “Realities of Colombian cinema”, which took place on Monday, April 7 at Universidad del Cine’s auditorium, was one of the activities that looked to discuss this subject through the perspective of three guests: Adelfa Martínez –director of the film area of the Colombian Department of Culture – and the Colombian filmmakers Luis Ospina and Óscar Ruiz Navia.

Adelfa Martínez, as regards state support, expressed: “We are going through a great moment in Colombian cinema, thanks to a law that has been delivering very positive results for already ten years. It is not only the great number of films we are producing, but also the quality these have”.

The experienced filmmaker Luis Ospina pointed out: “Today it is easier to make films in Colombia, because when I started my career there wasn’t any kind of state support (…) These are different times: Colombian cinema has international recognition, though I always highlight that in Colombia there is no film industry, simply films”.

The director of the acclaimed film El Vuelco del Cangrejo (2009), Óscar Ruiz Navia (of only 32 years old) was cautious to stress: “It is okay to say that Colombian cinema is going through a good moment, but we cannot lose the accuracy in our stories. We must take advantage of the current benefits to make films, but always taking more artistic risks”.

An emerging cinema with an interesting scenario in store.

Clara Picasso – Text Translator Mariángela Martínez Restrepo – Talent Press BA Coordinator