Today Special screening celebrating our 10 years of Latinamerican views through Talents Buenos Aires!

Mariángela Martínez Restrepo / Talent Press BsAs Coordinator

We could start by describing what is the Talent Campus (now Talents Buenos Aires) or by listing the growth and development in recent years, mentioning the different activities, changes and achievements, but this time, we call upon participants of the past editions of Talents Buenos Aires because we want their films to speak for us. We pride ourselves on being able to reveal the consequences of ten years to encourage reflection and discussion about cinema in the region, celebrating these ten issues with the world premiere of a collective feature and display of two programs of short films unpublished in BAFICI, all performed by previous participants of the Talents Buenos Aires.

We believe that the three programs that will be shown, reflect one of the keys of Talents: diversity. But in a broad sense and not as a value in itself, but as a way to expose the tension between the filmmakers, their origins and identities and how their films reflect that.

This 10 filmmakers selected to commemorate this special edition; not only share their passion for film, but also share a región full of ambiguity, different shades and colourfull people that reflect part of our Latinamerican views and a profound diversity.

    Filmakers commemorating this 10 years!!

  • Maite Alberdi Soto
  • Ricardo Alves Jr
  • Daniela Delgado Viteri
  • Nicolás Grosso
  • Miguel Hiliari
  • Juan Martín Hsu
  • Mariano Luque
  • Juan Daniel F. Molero
  • Paulo Pécora
  • Alex Piperno