Freedom or The way I like it Talent Press and Programmers

We are launching the 13th edition of Talents Buenos Aires by using two film titles from the region as our starting points. On one hand, La Libertad (Freedom), the highly acclaimed film directed by Argentinian filmmaker Lisandro Alonso, and on the other, Cómo me da la gana (This is the way I like it), a standout film by Chilean filmmaker Ignacio Agüero.

Both Agüero and Alonso’s films have remained on the margins of conventional filmmaking despite their different methods and outlooks towards cinema. Each filmmaker explicitly examines and questions classical film narratives within the region. Their work critically challenges the idea of films “for export” by openly breaking down preconceptions and adopting radical positions regarding realities in Argentinian and Chilean societies.

Presenting two filmmakers from Latin America reaffirms the path Talents Buenos Aires has established to create meaningful exchange based on distinctive local and regional productions. From this perspective, the 13th edition of Talents BA aims to bring together a group of young professionals and reflect on the situation of cinema today, where a core topic is how freedom and risk-taking shapes a filmmaker’s career (including their own presumptions) in his or her personal quest for authenticity in filmmaking.

This year, the programme has opened up to audiovisual curators and programmers that have demonstrated a connection with critical analysis and where diverse interests and experiences are at the main subject of interest of the workshops. A panorama such as this demands an interdisciplinary approach, including group work between critics and programmers to create formal proposals and themes that grasp the new challenges of the industry and culture at large, which are often incompatible.

The workshop will be structured around the concept of an editorial team in where ideas, proposals, reflections, and methods will be presented, resulting in discussions and debates on critiques set forth by participants.

Tutors: Cecilia Barrionuevo /Quintín Programmer/Coordinator: Mariángela Martínez Restrepo