This year concept for the workshop was based on film festival catalogues and programs. How does film critics and programmers approach to this texts objectively? How can you persue the audiences to watch a film or a specific program in less than 1000 characters?

Writing about a film that seemed interesting in different aspects, aesthetic, narrative, is much more fluid than writing about films that did not personally intrigue you or stand out. In any of this two panoramas there’s a level of complexity and the challenge when writing for a catalog is to write about the particularity, the specifics aspects and differences from the others that make up the program, with what others can be relate and what kind of cinema is it. “One resource, unfortunately very used in catalogs, is to make a synopsis, briefly tell the story. It is true that many viewers are guided by syntheses like these, but if one reads three in a row, the fourth is fed up. I assure you that it is not an easy task and the proof is that most of the catalogs are quite illegible” Quintín Will begin with short notes written for an imaginary catalog where the first paragraph deals with a much more objective and persuasive look and the second based on the same film but from a more subjective point of view. This year participants:

Edward Aroldo De Ybarra Murguia, Programmer, Perú
Diego De Angelis, Film Critic, Argentina
Nicolás Orlando Quiñones, Film Critic, Colombia
Marina Torre, Programmer, Brasil
Pablo Ceccarelli, Film Critic, Argentina
Silvana Ca,ors, Programmer, Uruguay
Daniela Laura Kozak, Programmer, Argentina
Vanja Milena Munjin, Film Critic, Chile
Ana Gonzales, Programmer, Colombia


He co-funded El Amante film magazine and was one of its directors until 2004. From 2001 to 2004 he directed the BAFICI, founded and directed the Association of Critics (FIPRESCI). As a critic he collaborated in different national and international publications and was a juror of different film festivals. He currently writes for the newspaper Perfil and collaborates with the film magazine Cahiers du Cinema.

Cecilia Barrionuevo
Artistic Director of Mar de Plata International Film Festival. She has collaborated as a guest programmer for others film festivals and museums. She is a co-editor of the publication Las Naves Cine. She has collaborated as a writer in several cultural publications, participated in roundtable discussions and has been a jurist at international film festivals. She has an MA in Creative Documentary Making. In 2013, she was a fellow in the Flaherty Film Seminar NY. Program Coordinator / Cuartor: Mariángela Martínez Restrepo